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Winston Plywood & Veneer
Deadline for Submission: October 7, 2014 by 2:00 p.m. CST

The City of Louisville is soliciting written proposals from Construction Management firm (s) known as (CM) to provide comprehensive CM services for the New Winston Plywood & Veneer Plant. The City of Louisville intends to award a contract to the firm who is deemed most qualified and responsive to this request, contingent upon funding.
The City of Louisville considers the general goal and purpose of CM to be that of City’s agent to exercise its skills, expertise and judgment for the facilitation of the programming, planning, design, and construction of its building program in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The CM shall not in any respect serve as a General Contractor, or Sub-contractor for any of these projects.
Specifically, the goals ofthe City of Louisville include:
Establishment of project priorities with regard to construction sequencing and phasing.
Determination of appropriate design, bid, and construction procurement methodologies.
Determination of comprehensive design and construction budgets for the project.
. Determination of optimum schedule for programming, design, and construction ofthe
proj ect.
Continuing improvement in the value ofthe project through value engineering and constructability reviews.
Stimulation of interest and competitiveness among quality construction contractors, including minority-owned contracting ñrm(s), to bid on the project.
Enhancement of ñscal accountability and adequate reporting of project budget
and expenditures.

The City of Louisville is scheduled to begin Phase I of the Winston Plywood & Veneer Plant. The construction budget for this new facility is to be determined. The new plant must be ready for production operations to begin in September 2015.
It is the objective of the City of Louisville to employ a CM to act as an advocate of the city and assist through all phases of the new construction of the plywood plant. The CM ñrm(s) will serve as an extension of the City of Louisville staff and will perform services to protect the interest of the City of Louisville. Types of duties to be performed are described in Section III.
METHODOLOGY: The procurement herein Will be on a formally advertised basis. All technical requirements, unless otherwise specified, must be met, or be capable of being met, by the CM or such proposals will be disqualiñed as being non-responsive.
PROPOSAL DEADLINE: The response to the request must be received by October 7, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. CST in the office of Mayor Will Hill located at City Hall, Louisville, MS. Any proposal received after the time stipulated Will not be considered and will be rejected or returned to the proposer. Proposals must be responsive to the information, instructions, and the technical requirements. Proposals and any accompanying documents shall be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed and marked as follows:
Will Hill, Mayor of Louisville, Mississippi
Babs W. Fulton, City Clerk of Louisville, Mississippi City 0f Louisville
200 South Church Avenue
Louisville, MS 39339
. FORMAT OF RESPONSES: To be considered, proposers must submit a complete
response to this request for proposal. Each proposal must be submitted in ten (5) copies to:
Will Hill, Mayor of Louisville, Mississippi
City of Louisville 200 South Church Avenue Louisville, MS 39339

COMPENSATION: Payments to the CM will be agreed upon between the CM and the City of Louisville in accordance with the terms and agreements as stated in the contract agreement to be negotiated with the CM selected.
The City of Louisville reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and is not bound to accept any proposal if that proposal is contrary to the best interest ofthe City of Louisville. The city may request additional information.
Factors such as proposer’s services, employment practices, experience, reputation and past performance, cost proposal, scheduling, and phasing plan with will be considered in the award decision.
The RFQ will be advertised in the local paper to all perspective construction managers. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the written document.
A construction management firm will be selected on the basis of professional qualifications and successful experience with similar service engagements. Applicant flrms must clearly demonstrate a considerable body of successful experience with similar or closely-related facility types. Applicants must provide documented success in the management of costs, changes, quality, safety, and schedule performed on these similar projects. Applicant must demonstrate successful experience in Working inthe delivery method where the CM assists during the design, bid and award, pre-construction, construction, and post construction phases. The CM is an extension of the City of Louisville staff in responsibility, accountability and dedication to Winston Plywood & Veneer.
SPECIAL TERMINATION: The City of Louisville may terminate the contract any time upon thirty (30) days written notice to the CM, as will be outlined in the contract agreement to be negotiated with the CM selected.

It is the intent of the City of Louisville to enter into an agreement with a CM to secure professional services for the construction of the Winston Plywood & Veneer plant.
The following list of services to be provided by the CM is not intended to be all inclusive. Services and tasks that are necessary to achieve the City’s goals are also included and will be required to the extent that generally accepted standards of good CM practice are recognized. Also included, Whether enumerated or not, are services and tasks necessary to comply With applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. The City of Louisville reserves the right prior to contracting with a CM to reduce the scope of construction management services offered in the RFQ.
All Phases - General Services Reguired
The following services are lgeneral in nature and are required during all phases ofthe Program.'
l. Serve as a representative ofthe City of Louisville during all phases.
2. Consult with the City of Louisville, upon request, for the purpose of reviewing the
status of the project, and for the purpose of developing strategies necessary to achieve the goals of the plywood plant and city.
3. The CM will oversee and manage all aspects of these projects and report to City of
Louisville on a Weekly basis.
4. The CM will prepare, maintain and update the overall master program schedule, overall
master project schedule, and incorporate the specific construction schedules when appropriate. These schedules should include every aspect of this project.
5. Provide general administrative management ofthe construction management tasks.
6. Provided documentation of all pay requests in accordance with the City of
Louisville/MEMA/FEMA requirements.
7. Provide full cost estimating services for the project.

Develop and maintain (in cooperation with the City of Louisville), a monthly reporting document that indicates the status of the project in terms of percentage of completion, cost per square foot, approved change orders, schedule, etc.
Provide suggested modiflcations to the scope ofthe project.
. Serve as a representative of the City of Louisville during all phases ofthe project.
Pre-Design Phase
Assist the City of Louisville in establishing specific project priorities, particularly from the standpoint of program and project schedule, phasing and constructability.
Determine and recommend to the City of Louisville the optimum design, bid and construction phasing of projects for cost effectiveness and schedule control. Review with the City of Louisville alternative project delivery methods that may be appropriate to reduce project costs or expedite proj ect schedules.
Prepare comprehensive preliminary budgets for construction, furnishings, testing services, and contingency for the project.
Develop a comprehensive overall detailed schedule for the project to include the necessary tentative milestone dates. For example: bidding, contract award, procurement of equipment, furnishings, and equipment and occupancy. City of Louisville is looking t0 the PM t0 ensure all relevant activities and milestones are included.
Design Phase
Serve as a representative ofthe City of Louisville during the design phase and all other phases. Transmit program requirements, budgets and schedules t0 the designer “on a real time basis” and coordinate input session with the Owner’s staff 0n a weekly basis.
Conduct monthly project meetings and keep and distribute minutes of such meetings.
Review the irl-progress design documents for clarity, consistency and completeness.
Review a cost estimate and a value engineering assessment at each phase of design, addressing constructability, possible cost-saving materials and/or construction techniques, sequencing of construction, separation of contracts, etc. Recommend action, if required, to maintain project budgets.
Coordinate federal, state and local design review and approval requirements. Monitor
review time and expedite review process, when possible.
The CM, with input from the Board and the A/E consultant will oversee the development of an Occupancy Plan/Schedule that includes procurement of furniture, furnishings and equipment in order that adequate delivery times are included in the project schedule. The CM in conjunction

with the A/E consultant will develop the schedule. Provide Value analysis and trade-off studies when appropriate or upon request of the City of Louisville.
Bid and Award Phase

Prepare and properly post all legal notices and advertisements for bids.
Assist the A/E Design Consultants in issuing the bid documents and addenda to bidders. Conduct a campaign to generate interest among bidders, including minority-owned businesses.
Conduct a pre-bid conference with the assistance ofthe A/E Consultant and the Board’s representatives.
Review all addenda to determine if costs associated with the addenda may have budget implications. Recommend adjustments/trade-offs, as needed, to maintain project budget. Assist the A/E Consultants and the Board in opening and evaluation of bids and make recommendations for contract award.
Assist the A/E Consultants in preparing and issuing ContractA documents. The design contract Shall require afull conformance setto be used to build thefacilily.
Establish progress payment schedule for the subcontractors and Vendors, and other services, etc. for the project.
Monitor subcontractors’ progress with project start-up activities (mobilization, securing permits, providing submittal data, securing temporary utilities, etc.)
Secure construction schedules from subcontractors and review for compliance with the established project schedule.
Incorporate the subcontractor schedule within the overall project schedule and update same on a regular basis as determined by the owner.
Construction Phase
Review the safety programs of each contractor and make appropriate recommendations. In conjunction with the A/E consultant, establish and implement procedures for
submittals, change orders, pay requests, etc. to be incorporated into bid documents. Coordinate third-party testing and/or inspection services
Review pay requests, adjust as needed, and certify for payment.
Based on review ofthe project on a daily basis, make recommendations for rejection and correction of sub-standard work to A/E, and the City of Louisville.
Maintain force account records when work must be done prior to approval of change order.
Assist in reviewing claims submitted, prepare cost estimates, and make recommendations for

the City of Louisville approval.
Assist with inspections and preparation of punch lists; walks With A/E to develop Subcontractor punch list, along with A/E punch list. Coordinate the issuance of the certificates of Substantial/Final Completion.
10. Collect operations and maintenance manuals. 11. Facilitate and oversee every aspect of the construction of the project to ensure successful
Post-Construction Phase
Coordinate and expedite transmittals of as-built drawings and record documents to the City of Louisville and other entities as required.
Secure copies of Occupancy certiñcates for the City of Louisville records.
Ensure that operations and maintenance records are compiled, organized, and indexed properly.
Assist the City of Louisville with implementing the Occupancy Plan/Schedule.
Prepare all closeout documents to include: final project accounting, cost per unit comparisons and close-out reports. (provide a sample during the interview)
Evaluate the performance ofthe construction subcontractors, and provide evaluation, in Writing, to the City of Louisville.
Coordinate the completion of all punch list items in designated time frame. Maintain accurate warranty log data. Respond daily to all warranty items through the one-year Warranty period.
The City of Louisville will appoint a point of contact responsible for coordinating the city’s design & construction needs. It is anticipated that the successful proposal will provide at least one Lead person to work directly with the City of Louisville appointed representative.
Deadline and number 0f copies: Submit ten (5) copies ofthe Written proposal to be received no later than: October 7, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. CST. It is the responsibility of the submitting tirms(s) to ensure timely receipt by the City of Louisville. The City of Louisville will not be responsible for the untimely delivery of proposals due to the mail carrier or any other
Mail or hand delivery ofthe proposals to:
Will Hill, Mayor of Louisville, Mississippi City of Louisville 200 South Church Avenue Louisville, MS 39339

2. Submittal Content: Submittals must include the following in the specified format:
2.1 Firm Profile
2.1.1 Identification of Íirm(s), if a joint venture or association including address,
telephone number and date the ñrrn(s) and joint venture or association were formed.
2.2 Construction Management Experience
2.2.1 List projects on which your firm has provided similar construction management
services, the client and a description of services that were provided. Emphasis Will be on large industrial project $20MM and over.
2.2.2 Indicate the number of years your Íirm has provided similar services for both
public and private sector clients.
2.2.3 Reputation and Responsibility. The CM must supply a minimum of three (3)
references for which they have provided similar services on a contractual basis, and emphasis should be placed on industrial references.
2.3 Organization and Personnel
Provide names and resumes of the proposed project team. Explain your proposed
' team organization, roles and responsibilities and personnel qualiñcations. If you are proposing as a joint Venture or association of tirms(s), clearly explain the role and responsibility of each firm and the plan for managing your team,
2.3.1 Organization. Provide an organization chart indicating principals and officers of the
company, project manager support staff, consultants, etc. Give a brief description of the roles of the personnel on the team, listing their location and the firm they are employed by.
2.3.2 The CM must be an equal opportunity employer who has a record offair employment without regard to race, religion, sex, or ethnic origin.

2.4 Other Reguired Information
Proposing CM’s shall provide the following:
1. Firm Name, Address, Phone & Email: 2. Primary Contact name and information: 3. Secondary Contact name and information:
4. Provide the following information on up to six (6) relevant projects completed by your
f1rm Within the past flve (5) calendar years. (Provide projects of similar function as they
are most relevant).
Range of Cost to the nearest Million Photograph of Completed Facility
a. Project Name
b. Location
c. Client name and Contact information d. Design Firm(s)
e. Date of Completion
2.5 Selection Process
The City’s evaluation criteria will include the following:
a. Past Performance b. Technical Expertise c. Capacity e. Location in relation to project, Mississippi preference
The City of Louisville reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to negotiate changes in the scope ofwork or services to be provided, to withhold the award of contract, and to
30 points 30 points 30 points 10 points
waive or decline to waive any technicalities 0r irregularities in any propos