Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mayor Talks Trash

In an effort to combat an ever growing litter and trash problem within the community and in conjunction with the "Great American Cleanup " Project, Mayor Will Hill has issued a proclamation making March 6th through April 3rd as the "Community Wide Cleanup Month in Louisville. Mayor Hill's comments follow:

"Everywhere you look there is litter and ugliness, and it is not isolated to one street, one neighborhood, or one ward. A simple walk down Main Street is a burden of feeling compelled to pickup litter every few steps. We have many great things happening in the community and many more projects are unfolding over the months ahead, yet we cannot allow the big things over shadow the small things that ruin our chances to have the community we all desire. Littered streets, intersections, and walkways become a magnet for more litter and we must all pull together to do our part. Teamwork makes the dream work, if everyone does a little we can achieve so much but if only a few try to do a lot it will not be as successful. I plead with everyone, every neighborhood, every church, and every club to determine how you may help cleanup Louisville."

"The City of Louisville routinely tries to provide trash detail for community service through the Louisville Police Department. Unfortunately, we have had limited participation in recent months and the task at hand is beyond achievable by a select few individuals in a few days. I have been approached about the Louisville Police Department's role in littering and the reality is the Police cannot be everywhere at every moment. I am instructing the Police Department to be more aggressive as littering is against the law."