Friday, January 18, 2013

Letter from Mayor concerning Public Hearing for Rental Ordinance

January 16, 2013
RE: Rental Ordinance Public Hearing
On behalf of the Board of Aldermen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Louisville for attending the public hearing concerning a proposed rental ordinance on Tuesday, January 15. The outpouring of interest in this ordinance was welcomed. We would like to also issue a public apology for the lack of adequate space and time for the hearing to be more effective. As a result of the limited space, time restraints, and the information provided by the public, the City of Louisville will not take any action until future hearings are held with better accommodations. The proposed ordinance is in a draft form on the city website ( under “news” tab) or you may request a copy from City Hall. The origin of the ordinance began over concerns from citizens and issues the City has faced over time. The next meeting time and location will be published in the near future. The public is encouraged to submit your input in writing to the City of Louisville and consideration will be given. I want to emphasize the intent of such an ordinance is to address ongoing issues our City faces while striving to make Louisville a better place. Again, thank you for your attention and concern for Louisville, Mississippi.Respectfully,

Will Hill