Friday, May 10, 2013

LFD Member Receives Gary Kistler Life Safety Award

LFD Chief Terry Johnson (l) congratulates Sanders (r)
before the Louisville Board of Aldermen
Engineer/Fire & Life Safety Educator Detrick Sanders has been awarded the Gary Kistler Life Safety Award for 2013.Mr. Sanders has been a career member of the Louisville Fire Department since 2007 and took the role of Fire & Life Safety Educator in 2011.
Since taking the position, Detrick has developed programs that help inform and educate our community, one of which is a Fire Academy for Kids. This program provides basic educational skills to our pre-teen community to enhance their safety and show insight into the life experiences of firefighters. He is also involved in installation of smoke alarms and car safety seat checks. He gives presentations to schools, churches and any individual, group or organization that request information on being safe and prevention of fire or injuries within our community. Congratulations, Detrick Sanders on your tremendous achievement.