Friday, May 3, 2013

Meeting Agenda - City of Louisville - May 7,2013

TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013   
Regular Meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. 

I.              CALL TO ORDER
II.            INVOCATION
V.             NEW BUSINESS
A.  Per Woody Sample for the Transload Facility project:
1.     Authorize the Mayor to sign the request for cash and cash requisition forms for TVA funds 13,612.35 and CDBG funds $40,837.05
2.    Authorize the transfer and use of city funds until the TVA money is received
3.    Upon receipt of CDBG funds, Authorize the payment to Calvert Spradling Engineers Inc. for $6,015.00 (CDBG $4,511.25 and TVA $1,503.75)
4.    Upon receipt of CDBG funds, Authorize the payment to Continental Rails for $48,434.40 (CDBG $36,325.80 and TVA $12,108.60)
B.  Zoning Discussion
C. Authorize the Mayor to execute lease and accept option check of $500 from Cellular South for tower location
D. Adopt a resolution in support of Airport project
E.  Approve Docket of Claims for the April bills $145,692.77
F.  Authorize the payment of $198,311.25 from the G O Bond Fund to First Security Bank Corporate Trust Department. ( Principle payment $140,000.00, Interest payment $58,011.25, Paying Agent fee $300.00 )
G. Approve payments for street repair to be paid from GO Construction Fund 
1.    Falcon Construction Company $826,126.68
2.    D& T Services $201.40
3.    Bennett’s Do It Center $63.84
4.    Baker’s Ready Mix & Construction $495.32
H.  Approve payment to MS Municipal Workers Compensation for the audited premium $8,127.00
I.    Approve payment to Neel Shaffer from landfill fund 401-204-661 for 9,843.75 for professional services
J.  Request for Sue Daniels to attend the Municipal Court Clerk Summer Program on July 14-16 for $527.00 for meals, mileage and lodging
K.  Request for Detrick Sanders and Joel Triplett to attend the National Child Passenger Safety Course in Tupelo on June 2 -6, registration and meals Free, Rooms only $366.48
L.  Announcement of Detrick Sanders receipt of The Gary Kistler Life Safety Educator Award for 2013-enclosed
M. Declare as surplus and authorize disposition of fixed assets-enclosed
N. Handout announcement on Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties Grant Program-enclosed
O. Adopt a resolution adjudicating the actual cost of cleaning property of $4,000 plus the landfill bill of $2,395.62 for a total of $6,395.62 and authorize the clerk to enroll the assessment as a lien against the property and proceed to sell the land to satisfy the lien as provided by law for delinquent municipal taxes
P.  Unclean properties to set hearing
1.    100 Ward Street owned by Pruitt Calvert
2.    101 Dawkins Street owned by Willie L. Loving
3.    417 Metts Street owned by Furnia Ray Clark
4.    124 Baremore Street owned by Robin Goss
5.    512 North Church Street owned by Earnest White Jr.
6.    335 North Church owned by Charlene Estes
7.    121 Eiland Avenue owned by 20/20 Investments
VII.          ADJOURN