Friday, April 19, 2013


The election of the Mayor, City Clerk and Board of Aldermen for the City of Louisville will be held Tuesday, May 7. Polls will be open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the following locations:

Ward 1, Louisville Coliseum, 201 Ivy Avenue 
Ward 2, Old National Guard Armory, 503 Pontotoc Street
Ward 3, Voting Building at Lovorn Tractor Company, 713 East John C. Stennis Drive 
Ward 4, Louisville Housing Authority Community Center, 605 West Main Street

The candidates on this ballot are:
Mayor, Will Hill 
City Clerk, Babs W. Fulton 
Ward 1 Alderman, Dickie Caperton 
Ward 2 Alderman, Judy H. McLeod 
Ward 3 Alderman, Gwenita Mays 
Ward 4 Alderman, Eugene Crosby
Alderman At Large, Incumbent Frances S. Ball will face challenger, Stacy Thames. 

All registered municipal voters in the City of Louisville are encouraged to vote. The City Hall will be open on Saturday, May 4 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for absentee voting. Call or come by the City Hall before the deadline if you need to vote an absentee ballot.

Because the 2010 Census showed a change in the population ratio throughout the city, a city wide redistricting was approved in 2012 which will result in some voters being changed to a new ward. Only three areas were changed, but all wards were affected. Residents in the block area south of Brooksville Road to those living north of Richardson Road were moved from Ward 1 to Ward 2. They will now vote at the Old National Guard Armory at 503 Pontotoc Street. Residents living south of East Main from the eastern side South Hight Street over to Town Creek, which lies next to the Winston Medical Center, and north of East Academy Street will now be in Ward 3 and will vote at the voting building at Lovorn Tractor Company at 713 East John C. Stennis Drive.

The third area includes the area all around Mt. Moriah Circle. Residents living in an area bordered by the south side of North Street, the east side of Camille Avenue and the north side of Vance Street and down South Railroad Avenue over to the west side of South Church Street will vote in Ward 3 instead of Ward 4 and will also vote at the Voting Building at Lovorn Tractor Company at 713 East John C. Stennis Drive.

A map is posted at City Hall and you can also call City Hall at 773-9201 to ask what ward or precinct you will vote in.  A PDF of the map is available for online viewing or printing by clicking here.

The deadline to register to vote in the June 4 election is May 3. Independent Larry T. Veazey will face the winner of the Alderman at Large race between Stacy Thames and Frances S. Ball. 

 Also, a very important referendum will be on the June 4th ballot for a proposed 2% tax levy on the room rentals for local hotel and motels to provide funds to promote tourism and parks and recreation within the City of Louisville.

If anyone is interested in being a poll worker, please call Babs Fulton at 773-9201.