Sunday, June 16, 2013


TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013  
Regular Meeting starts at 5:30 p.m.

A. Revival Apartments by Reddy Development (Beall Street closure)

B. Zoning Decision on Use Permitted on Appeal:  Tandreka Henton Hunt and land owners Doris Aldridge Payton, George Young, Jr., Doris Jean Aldridge, Brenda Aldridge, and George William Aldridge II , request to operate a child care facility on property located at 302 South Jones Avenue
C. Discuss traffic lanes and/or parking on the first block of North Church Street
D. Unclean Property: Hearing to determine if the following property is unclean (status listed as of June 14 noon)
1. 101 Dawkins Street owned by Willie L. Loving- status: overgrown
2. 417 Metts Street owned by Furnia Ray Clark-status: overgrown
3. 124 Baremore Street owned by Robin Goss -status: overgrown
4. 512 North Church Street owned by Earnest White, Jr. -status: overgrown
5. 121 Eiland Avenue owned by 20/20 –status: reviewing ownership
6. 345 North Church owned by Charlene Estes-status: overgrown
7. 205 North Hight owned by Brenda Keen - status: reviewing ownership
8. 314 Pontotoc Street owned by Billie Joy Harrell - status: non-compliant
9. 213 South Columbus Avenue owned by Barry Suber- status: overgrown
10. 215 South Hudson,  owner Mary Lois McDaniel Life Estate,% Kathy Robinson -status: overgrown
11. 714 South Columbus Avenue owned by Roger and Grace Young, status: noncompliant
12. 102 Thompson Street owned by Jermese Hathorn, Shannon Hathorn, and Edgewood Tax Properties, status: non compliant
13. 308 Pontotoc Street owned by Kenneth Hall, -status: compliant
14. 214 Foster Street owned by Michelle Hines and Henry Hudson-status: compliant
15. 221 South Johnson owner Annie Thomas Estes Estate,% Kathlene Parks-status: compliant
E. Board appointment to the Louisville Utility Board:  Jerry Donald’s five term expires 6-30-13
F.   Board appointment to the Tourism Board:  Gerald Mill’s three year term ends 7-1-13
G. Board appointment to the Zoning Board:  Sandra Cole’s unexpired term ends 7-1-13
H. Board appointment of three (3) Election Commissioners to a four year term:  Claire Crowell, Charles Holmes, and Steve Quinn’s term ends 7-1-13
I. Hotel/Motel Tax Referendum business
1. Acknowledge DOJ preclearance letter
2. Other business
J. Approve annual Nonhazardous Solid Waste Fee report and payment to State Tax Commission from Landfill Fund for (a)Solid Waste Landfill $22,907.33 and (b)Class II Rubbish Site $431.07
K.  Approve payment to Falcon Contracting Co. Inc. for $204,804.71 for final payment to install hot mix asphalt, to be paid by the G.O. Bond Construction Fund  350-600-700
L. Authorize the Interlocal Agreement and invoice Winston County for hot mix overlay of Hillcrest Circle for  $29,410.43
M. Approve payment to 3 Election Commissioner Pay for 3 commissioners, Claire Crowell, Charles Holmes and Steve Quinn for $168.00 each
N. Acknowledge  Default Judgment awarding the City of Louisville $2,385.00 and a 2010 White Lexus subject to lien-enclosure
O. Pay Kim Ming:  Judgment on Cody Adams  $160.00 filing fee
P. Accept application for a Tax Exemption by Polo Custom Products to exempt from personal tax certain property with a true value of $7,030.09 (which will be about $85.00)-enclosed
Q. Acknowledge  Homeland Security Grant award in the amount of $4,500.00 to be used to purchase Communication Equipment and authorize Fire Chief to request advance on the grant funds
R. Fire Training requests
1. Engineer Robert Hutto to attend Fire Service Chaplin training at MS Fire Academy, July 24-25,  free course and no expenses
2. Engineer Robert Hutto and Engineer Detrick Sanders to attend Fire Inspector Course NFPA 1031-1 at MS Fire Academy, July 29-August 8, Registration $750.00 each,  to be paid from Fire Rebate training funds
3. Chief Terry Johnson to take an Online Plans and Code Enforcement Training through Training for continued education and code enforcement and plans review update for the International Code Council Codes, Course registration $700.00 to be paid by Fire Rebate Code Training Fund
S. Authorize 2010 Tax Maturity notice
T. Authorize 2012 Delinquent Tax notice
U. Approve Interlocal Agreement with Louisville Municipal School District for  Drug Free Schools (DARE)
V. Declare as surplus two FEMA travel trailers and authorize notice to take bids
W. Declare as surplus  and authorize disposition of display case