Thursday, January 23, 2014

The City of Louisville and a "NEIGHBOR" needs your help!!

We need immediate help in getting the word out to churches, civic clubs, communities, and any other organizations who have the ability to clearly communicate the current HOME REHAB program in the City of Louisville.  This is extremely time sensitive and basic criteria by which someone would qualify. 
Please help announce the following:
For any person(s) who OWN a home in the City of Louisville (or Winston County because the County will apply as well) whose home is considered DILAPIDATED and in need of substantial repair may qualify for a "REBUILD" of their home given the following criteria is met:
1.  Must have a copy of clear deed (filed prior to Feb. 20, 2013)
2.  Printout of 12 month utility bill with STREET ADDRESS, not P.O. Box
3.  Documentation of Income (all household members above 18)
APPLICATIONS CAN BE PICKED UP AT LOUISVILLE CITY HALL, we plan to have a community member assist in the process.  If any one of the previous three criteria cannot be met, there should not be an application submitted.
The applications must be submitted by February 6, 2014, hence the reason to QUICKLY get the word out.
Again, please help in getting the word out and please note: the initial criteria was for the homes to be within very close proximity of each other and if the qualifiers are in close proximity additional points may be given toward getting funded, however if not in close proximity we still can submit the application.  We can submit up to five applications and we need a minimum of three.