Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Request for Qualifications For Professional Services

The City of Louisville is requesting Architectural and Engineering firms to submit their
qualifications to provide architectural services for design, contract documents, and
construction administration to replace a city owned plywood facility destroyed by the
April 28, 2014, tornado. Interested parties shall provide the City of Louisville with a
sealed submission of qualifications between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon local time on
Tuesday, July 1, 2014.
To be considered as responsive, the RFQ submission shall include the following
A. Letter of Interest
B. Provide a brief description of the Firm History.
• How long has the Firm been in business?
• List of the names of the Owners/Principals.
Mississippi Preferred: Provide the Mississippi Registration and/or Certificate of
Good Standing.
C. Describe the Size and Capacity of the Firm.
List the Number of Full Time Staff.
• Provide the Number and List of Mississippi Licensed Architects and Engineers in
the Firm.
D. Provide a Five-Year Summary of the Firm's Litigation, Arbitration or Negotiated Settlement with Previous Clients.
Within the past five years, has the Firm paid a Claim resulting from litigation with
a Client? If so, state the Project, Issue of Litigation and the Result.
• Have any of the Firm Owners been subject to Legal Action from Professional Boards or Governance?
Provide Evidence of Professional Liability Insurance carried by the Firm.
E. Provide a List of Similar Project Experience.
• List Relevant Industrial Forest Product Projects performed by the Firm.
Provide List and Description of 5 Most Recent Relevant Similar Scope Projects.
• List which Current Personnel with the Firm worked on these projects. If project
performance was a Joint Venture or Association, list Firm's Role.
• List Firm's Experience in working with a Program or Construction Manager.
• List Firm's Experience in working with [nsurance Claims.
• List Firm's Experience with FEMA, MEMA and the Mississippi Development
F. Provide a List of the Team Members who would be assigned to this project.
Provide a Resume of each Key Personnel assigned to the Project and their Role,
Responsibilities and Experience.
• List Licenses/RegistrationiCertifications/Years of Experience of each person.
• State when the Key Team Members would be available to initiate the work.
The City's evaluation criteria will include the following:
a. Past Performance 30 points
b. Management Plan 20 points
c. Technical Expertise 20 points

d. Capacity 20 points
e. Location in relation to project, Mississippi preference 10 points

The City of Louisville at its sole discretion may select one or more Firms to interview or may select one Firm from the RFQ submission. The City of Louisville, at its sole
discretion, may then engage the services of the responding firm deemed most qualified for this project.
If interested in providing a response to the RFQ for architectural services, please provide three (3) copies to the City Clerk of the City of Louisville between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon local time, on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.
Louisville City Hall
200 South Church Avenue
Louisville, MS 39339
Ph: (662) 773-9201
Fx: (662) 773-4045
City Clerk, Babs W. Fulton
Mayor Will Hill
City Engineer, Kenny Morris