Monday, December 21, 2015

Winston Plywood Update 12-18-15

Site Utilities:

· Pump house at Fire tank were set into place


· Detailing roof buildings 6,6a,8,11

· Gutter system on building 2 started north working to the South.

· Wall sheets Building 5 East side, Building 9 North and South side.


· Continued testing of primary power cables.

· Continued terminating primary power cables.

· Continued hanging lights throughout plant.

· Continued with fire alarm system.

· Continued with power distribution throughout the plant.

Racetrack Piping:

· Began testing of air and water lines.

Log Conditioning Vaults

· Bottom section of all pit walls were placed.

· Forming 1st section of Slab for vaults and trench.

Site Paving

· Form work to continue paving on the East side North moving South.

Log Pro Merchandiser:

· Continued setting forms, reinforcing, and embedded steel for foundations

· Placed 2nd section foundation.

· Excavation of and began form work for area 3.

· Contractor began setting and welding Merchandiser on Area 1.

Plant Build-out:

· Began block work for Office area.

· Began block work for Lunch room area.

· Began block work for Mezzanine Area

Hog Glue Lathe Chipper:

· Rub walls on Glue room Foundation

· Began lowering chipper platform and extending north end.

Winston Plywood:

· Continued with assembly of #3 dryer.

· Continued placing MCCs

· Continued assembly of Green End Equipment.

· Began placing equipment for Putty line.

· Continued assembly of Log Pro Equipment.

· Continued with electrical for Dryers 1&2.

· Continued with Green End Electrical.

· Continued installing Boiler Piping.


· Rain recorded during the middle of this week

· Ducting package and Equipment Foundation and Support Package were awarded to US Metal Works and Century respectfully.