Monday, December 28, 2015

Winston Plywood Update 12-26-15

Site Utilities:

· Rain stopped work in this area


· Continued installing gutter system on West side Building 2.

· Continued forming column wraps in building 5

· Placed slab for Mezzanine


· Continued making terminations for primary power.

· Continued installing lighting throughout the plant.

· Continued electrical distribution throughout the plant

Racetrack Piping:

· Began hydro testing plant piping (Air and Water).

· Began making adjustments to pipe drops at exterior columns

Log Conditioning Vaults

· Began backfill of the 1st 8 foot of the recovery tank

· Began placing forms for the top portion of the walls for the water recovery tank

· Continued placing rebar for the Vault bottoms 7 thru 14.

Site Paving

· Rain stopped work in this area

Log Pro Merchandiser:

· Rain stopped work in this area

Plant Build-out:

· Began block work for Office area.

· Began block work for Lunch room area.

· Began block work for Mezzanine Area

Hog Glue Lathe Chipper:

· Placed roof for Hog room

· Modifications to Chipper deck elevations on going (WP&V Crews) Paving


· Gas line installation complete.

· Significant rain recorded