Thursday, April 7, 2016

Winston Plywood Update 4-1-16


· Performed lay-out, sawcut, and began demo of existing building slab for installation of new layup line foundations

· Performed layout of saw-line foundations. Equipment being moved in that area for demo of existing slab and placement of saw-line foundations

Site Utilities:

· No work performed last week,

· Plan to set bollards at corners of building and fire hydrants for concrete paving this week


· Additional louvers have been delivered to side. Additional gutters and downspouts are on order. Contractor will mobilize to site to install louvers, gutters, and downspouts when gutters and downspouts arrive onsite.

Racetrack Piping:

· Pressure testing on lines remains to be performed when water piping is completed

· Trim-out piping and valves to plant equipment

High Voltage Electrical:

· No work performed this week

· Contractor will begin commissioning on balance of electrical gear on 03-28-2016

Low Voltage Electrical:

· Continued terminations in center and north electrical rooms

· Continued installing electrical conduits and cables to chipper deck electrical room

· Continued installing fire alarm piping, boxes, and wiring

· Continued installing cables to MCC’s

· Continued testing fire alarm system

· Commissioning electrical power equipment

· Performed layout on RTO Control Room, to install stub-out of electrical conduits through slab

· Performed layout on West Side Residuals control Room, to install stub-out of electrical conduits through slab

Hog Room, Glue Room, Chipper Deck:

· No work performed this

· Awaiting refurbishing and installation of glue mixer and tanks

Plant Build-Out:

· Continued laying block walls and setting door frames in east mezzanine area (Restrooms, breakroom, and offices

· Laid out and delivered materials for modifications to west restroom and breakroom area

· Continued with HVAC installation at electrical rooms and mezzanine area

Plant Piping:

· Continued installing steam and condensate piping to Dryers No. 1, 2, and 3

· Continued installing trim-out and insulation on steam & condensate piping to dryers and presses

Site Paving:

· Performed fine grading, set forms, and tied rebar in paving area south of plant

· Placed, finished, and sawcut balance of concrete paving on east side of plant site (blocked out for installation of dryer wash-water pit)

· Placed, finished, and sawcut paving along south side of building wall

Fire Protection System:

· Continued installing new deluge system in dryer #3

· Continued installing fire department connections along east side of building

Log Conditioning Vaults:

· Placed vault wall “R”

· Continued pre-tying rebar mats for additional vault walls

· Installed Tee-Wall at vault wall “N”

· Began installing galvanized, angled, deflector plates in vaults at base of vault walls

· Began installation of support system for vault roof (Vaults 1-6)

Log Pro Equipment Foundations:

· All foundation work complete in this area

Equipment Foundations (East and West Residuals):

· Placed and finished base concrete slab for east side residuals hog tower

· Formed, set embeds & rebar, and placed one truck bin pier wall on east side residuals

· Began erecting structural support steel for ductwork along west wall of building (for west side residuals)

Winston Plywood & Veneer

· Continued refurbishing and installing Lathes No. 1 & 2

· Continued installing equipment at both clippers, green stackers, and pull chains

· Continued electrical installation at Green-End equipment (conduit and power wiring)

· Continued installing electrical service from electrical room to Log Pro equipment (unistrut, cable tray, and conduit)

· Continued refurbishing Dryers No. 1 & 2

· Continued assembly and installation of Dryer No. 1, 2, & 3 infeed and outfeed sections

· Continued making modifications to Stacker for Dryer No. 2 (reverse hand – Electrical control boxes)

· Continued installing dry stacker out-feed roll cases and discharge equipment (transfer equipment to dry stackers

· Continued refurbishing and painting dry-end equipment

· Continued installing electrical power to Dryers 1, 2, & 3

· Continued installing RTO Ducting (From dryers 1, 2, & 3)

· Continued installing steam piping from boilers to main, steam header