Monday, April 11, 2016

Winston Plywood Update- 5-8-2016

·         Completed demo of existing building slab for installation of new layup line foundations
·         Excavated materials for placement of new glue line foundations
·         Placed footing for Sawline (Trimsaws)

Site Utilities:
·         Made tie-in’s for downspouts from building roof to underground drain piping

·         Additional louvers delivered to site.  Additional gutters and downspouts are on order.  Contractor will mobilize to site to install louvers, gutters, and downspouts when gutters and downspouts arrive onsite.
·         Building representative on site to review plans to make penetrations through roofing system at boiler room

Racetrack Piping:
·         Pressure testing on lines remains to be performed when water piping is completed
·         Continued installing trim-out piping and valves to plant equipment

High Voltage Electrical:
·         Contractor performed commissioning on balance of electrical gear

Low Voltage Electrical:
·         Continued installing electrical conduits and cables to chipper deck electrical room
·         Continued installing fire alarm piping, boxes, and wiring
·         Continued testing fire alarm system
·         Commissioning electrical power equipment

Hog Room, Glue Room, Chipper Deck:
·         Modifications made to roof of lower floor glue room and tanks & mixer set in place

Plant Build-Out:
·         Set door frames in west lunch room area (Restrooms, breakroom, and offices
·         Laid out and delivered materials for modifications to west restroom and breakroom area
·         Installed grout block walls in east side mezzanine area

Plant Piping:
·         Continued installing steam and condensate piping to Dryers No. 1, 2, and 3
·         Continued installing trim-out and insulation on steam & condensate piping to dryers and presses

Site Paving:
·         Demo’d forms from last week’s paving and cleaned paving site

Fire Protection System:
·         Continued installing new deluge system in dryer #3
·         Continued installing sprinkler piping at lathes

Log Conditioning Vaults:
·         Placed vault wall “S”
·         Continued pre-tying rebar mats for additional vault walls
·         Installed Tee-Wall at vault wall “O” and “P”
·         Continued installing galvanized, angled, deflector plates in vaults at base of vault walls
·         Continued installation of support system for vault roof (Vaults 1-8)

Log Pro Equipment Foundations:
·         All foundation work complete in this area

Equipment Foundations (East and West Residuals):
·         Formed and placed walls for hog tower
·         Formed, set embeds & rebar, and placed two remaining truck bin pier walls on east side residuals
·         Completed erecting structural support steel for ductwork along west wall of building (for west side residuals)

Winston Plywood & Veneer
·         Continued refurbishing and installing Lathes No. 1 & 2 and related equipment
·         Continued installing equipment at both clippers, green stackers, and pull chains
·         Continued electrical installation at Green-End equipment (conduit and power wiring)
·         Continued installing electrical service from electrical room to Log Pro equipment (unistrut, cable tray, and conduit)
·         Continued refurbishing Dryers No. 1 & 2
·         Continued assembly and installation of Dryer No. 1, 2, & 3 infeed and outfeed sections
·         Continued making modifications to Stacker for Dryer No. 2 (reverse hand – Electrical control boxes)
·         Continued installing dry stacker out-feed roll cases and discharge equipment (transfer equipment to dry stackers
·         Installed diverter and circle conveyor to transfer veneer to round-table
·         Continued refurbishing and painting dry-end equipment
·         Continued installing electrical power to Dryers 1, 2, & 3
·         Continued installing insulation on RTO Ducting (From dryers 1, 2, & 3)
·         Continued installing steam piping from boilers to main steam header
·         Continued installing air line along Log Pro equipment line to debarker