Monday, May 2, 2016

Winston Plywood Update 4-29-16


· Continued installing additional wall louvers in boiler room and air compressor rooms

· Continued work on building punchlist items

· Began preparatory work for installing additional gutters and downspouts on upper section of Building No. 1

· Placed 12” roof slab on Hot Tower for East Side Residuals
Site Utilities

· Performed investigation on underground sewer line south of plant – investigating alternate routing of sewer piping to avoid interference with other piping systems and electrical duct bank
Racetrack Piping:

· Continued installing trim-out piping and valves to plant equipment

· Continued installing and locking out valves to fill racetrack piping and perform tests

· Performed tests on domestic water lines in Racetrack
Low Voltage Electrical:

· Continued installing electrical conduits and cables from chipper deck electrical room

· Continued running electrical service to plant equipment

· Continued installing conduit and wiring to breakroom / restrooms / offices at mezzanine area

· Continued running conduit and wiring to green-end and out to north wall on building 9

· Installed conduits from the RTO control room to RTO motor locations

· Received and set Transformer for fire suppression system at fire water pump house

· Had plant wide power outage to plant site, and connected primary power to transformer at fire suppression water system

· Stood all poles for lighting on west side parking lot
Plant Build-Out:

· Continued laying blocks in interior offices below mezzanine area (east side of plant)

· Continued laying blocks at west side break room and rest rooms

· Began laying blocks on west side residual control room
Plant Piping:

· Continued installing steam and condensate piping to Dryers No. 1, 2, and 3

· Continued steam and condensate piping in boiler room

· Continued installing expansion loops in steam piping
Site Paving:

· Performed grading for paving and equipment foundations on east side of plant (in open strip between Log Pro foundation and Hog Tower
Fire Protection System:

· Continued testing of dry-pipe sprinkler systems

· City of Louisville fire marshal and firemen walked the site, reviewed fire protection system with fire protection contractor and WPV safety manager, and signed fire system inspection documents
Log Conditioning Vaults:
· Installed Tee-Wall at vault wall “T” (last tee wall)

· Installed northeast corner wall on vaults (vault wall construction is complete)

· Continued installing galvanized, angled, deflector plates in vaults at base of vaults

· Began relocating support system for placement of east half of vault roof

Equipment Foundations (East and West Residuals):

· Finished installing support system and placed Hot Tower roof slab
RTO Rebuild

· Continued work on RTO ID fan foundations

· Worked on arrangement of ID fan and fan motor foundations

· Continued work on underground electrical service to RTO control room and from control room to RTO equipment

· Place concrete grade beams and floor slab for RTO electrical control room
Winston Plywood & Veneer

· Continued refurbishing and installing Lathes No. 1 & 2 and related equipment

· Continued installing equipment at both clippers, green stackers, and pull chains

· Continued cleaning and painting green-end equipment

· Continued electrical installation at Green-End equipment (conduit and power wiring)

· Continued installing electrical service from electrical room to Log Pro equipment (unistrut, cable tray, and conduit)

· Continued refurbishing Dryers No. 1 & 2

· Continued assembly and installation of Dryer No. 1, 2, & 3 infeed and outfeed sections

· Continued making modifications to Stackers for Dryers No. 2 & 3

· Continued installing diverter and circle conveyor to transfer veneer to round-table

· Continued refurbishing and painting dry-end equipment

· Continued installing electrical power to Dryers 1, 2, & 3

· Continued installing steam piping from boilers to main steam header

· Continued setting east side residual equipment (conveyors to screening platform)

· Began installation of east side truck bins

· Continued fabrication of lathe infeed decks and platform for screen tower

· Continued installing hoses on hot press, from tree to press platens

· Continued installing air piping on dryers

· Continued refurbishing east side residual equipment (at Roseburg site)

· Continued installing glue lay-up line equipment

· Began flushing and testing of boiler piping