Friday, June 19, 2015

Winston Plywood Progress - 6-12-15

· Grade wall continues along Column Row A on west side of
building. Tie- in-wall foundation footing is in place at Column Row 13, connecting new grade wall to existing building foundation.

· Building No. 3 (East Side of Main Building) – Building slab is in place from Column Row 17 to 25 (Photos 4732 and 4762)

· Underground plumbing for restroom and break-rooms on east side of building at Column Row 15 in place

· Decking is complete on south end of building at hip roof between

Column Rows 1 and 3

· Detailing and trim-out ongoing from Column Rows 6 – 31 on Building No. 1

· Decking in place from Column Row 1 – 23 on west side of Building 1

· Decking in place from Column Row 1 - 23 on east side of Building 1

· Structural steel erected and decking in place on Buildings 9 & 10

· Completed erecting main clear-span columns and beam on Building 5

· Bar-joists in place on north half of Building 5, working on trim-out components

· North end-wall framing and wall girts in place (Building 5)

· Roofing contractor began placing roof insulation and roof sheeting on Building No. 1

Fire Protection:

· Bore is complete under rail spurs at southwest corner of plant

· Underground service and hydrant installation continued along west side of plant

· Underground supply lines are complete to fire risers in sprinkler rooms inside plywood building. These are tied in back to main fire-loop around plant site.


· Contractor for 13 KV primary power supply mobilized to the site and begin work on Monday. Underground duct banks to transformers and switchboards are ongoing. (Currently working installations from north to south along east side of building)