Monday, June 27, 2016

Winston Plywood Update 6-24-16

Site Utilities

· Continued installing drain system north of Building 5 (Installing inverts and 15” drain pipe)

Northeast Corner – Log Ramp Construction
· Placed east-side and west-side concrete walls.

· Removed forms and began placing fill material

Hog, Glue Room, and Chipper Deck

· Continued installing piping and valves at glue makeup and storage area

· Continued installing piping from glue room to lay-up line equipment

Low Voltage Electrical:

· Continued installing conduit and wiring to breakroom / restrooms / offices at mezzanine area

· Installed lighting in TECO Lab building

Plant Build-Out:

· Continued painting building door frames on exterior of main building

· Completed installing stud wall framing on boiler room and air compressor room

· Continued placing wall tile in restrooms at mezzanine area

· Began placing floor tile in restrooms at mezzanine area

· Began installing sheeting on stud walls at mezzanine area

Plant Piping:

· Continued steam and condensate piping in boiler room

· Continued installing pumps and piping for High Pressure Receiver

· Began installing insulation on High Pressure Receiver piping

· Continued checkout and commissioning on air compressors and air dryers

· Began fabrication of piping to cross truss across north roadway (piping to vaults)

Plant Ducting

· Continued installing ducting inside plant (to trim-saw line and dry hog building)

· Continued installing exterior ducting along the west wall of plant

Site Paving:

· Continued demo work and paving at access to main door to plant (front door at northwest corner of building)

· Continued excavation, backfill, and compaction on roadway north of Building 5

Log Conditioning Vaults:

· Completed installing doors on log conditioning vaults

· Began installing counterweights and hydraulic cylinders on vault doors

· Continued weld-out on piping on vault heating system

· Continued electrical service to components at vaults

· Installed four concrete pads in bottom of vault water holding tank (for pump mounting)

RTO Rebuild

· Completed installing insulation on ductwork over south roadway (ductwork from building to RTO)

· Completed installing new gas train and piping for RTO

· Continued refurbishing RTO duct and equipment

· Finished setting RTO ID fan and motor

· Connected electrical power to RTO ID fan motor

· Continued installing conduit and power to RTO duct controls and devices

East and West Side Residuals

· Continued erecting west-side truck bins

· Continued installing ducting from building to west-side residuals cyclones

· Began fabricating and installing chutework from belt conveyor frames into east-side residuals truck bins

· Continued weld-out on structures and framework for belt conveyors to truck bins on east side

Winston Plywood & Veneer

· Continued refurbishing and installing Lathes No. 1 & 2 and related equipment (continued focus on east lathe line)

· Continued installing equipment at both clippers, green stackers, and pull chains (continued focus on east lathe line)

· Continued checkout on No. 2 lathe line equipment (clipper & stackers)

· Continued refurbishing chippers and conveyors for green-end by products (on chipper deck)

· Continued cleaning and painting green-end and dry end equipment and support steel

· Continued electrical installation at Green-End equipment (conduit and power wiring)

· Continued electrical checkout on Log Pro equipment

· Completed installing framework for building over cut-up saws and installed roof decking

· Completed installing framework for building over debarker (no roof decking installed)

· Continued assembly and installation of Dryer No. 1, 2, & 3 infeed and outfeed sections

· Continued making modifications to Stackers for Dryers No. 2 & 3

· Continued installing electrical power to No. 1, 2, & 3 dryer components

· Continued installing glue lay-up line mechanical and electrical equipment

· Continued installing trim-saw equipment and stacker platforms and stairs

· Continued installing two trusses and conveyors from bark hog tower to top of east side residuals truck bins (over truck bins)

· Continued installing chutework from bark and block conveyors to bark hog

· Continued installing chutework at transitions from tree-length infeed deck and debarker conveyor, and from block saw equipment block conveyor to hog I/F system

· Continued performing preliminary test runs on No. 1 Lathe line motors and equipment

· Continued installing chutework at bark hog and at conveyor transition points from debark and Log Pro cut up system

· Installed belting on material handling conveyors

· Installed saw blades on cutup system

· Continued construction of decks to core kickout pockets

· Continued refurbishing and installing core chippers on chipper deck

· Continued installing insulation on economizers and boilers in boiler room

· Continued fabrication of infeed deck to No. 2 lathe step-feeder

· Continued fabrication and installation of support steel for No. 1 lathe step feeder

· Continued fabrication and installation of fines & overs conveyors at east-side residuals shaker screens

· Began fabrication and installation of chute work from conveyors to shaker screen infeed pans