Friday, September 6, 2013

Mississippi Glowing for Christ Winston County Schedule September 8th-9th 2013

October 27th, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Mission Mississippi, a racial and denominational reconciliation ministry based in Jackson. To celebrate, Mission Mississippi asked the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to team up to tackle the huge vision of carrying a lighted cross across the entire state of Mississippi on foot. On August 7th at the steps of the Capitol, beginning with the Governor, the cross began its journey across the state. Making its way through all 82 counties in 82 days, the cross stops at each county for a service and a ceremonial passing of the cross. The cross, designed by Nissan to be lightweight and lighted, will make its way through the state, carried by the students of local Fellowship of Christian Athlete (FCA) chapters, and will come full circle back around to Jackson for a statewide rally on October 27th. The rally will be held at Veterans Memorial Stadium at 5:00 PM and every county is invited and encouraged to come. The schedule as local students carry the cross through Winston County follows:

Mississippi Glowing for Christ
Winston County Schedule
September 8th-9th 2013

September 8th

11:30 am Winston Academy receives cross from Oktibbeha County Schools at the County Line and travels 10 miles to Evergreen Baptist Church. Turning left on North Columbus Ave.

2:00 pm - LHS carries cross to Main Street in Louisville, turning right on Main Street, then left on South Church St. then 5.5 miles to the Way Community Church, turning left when it gets to Hwy 15. (Total 11 miles)

6:00 pm - Service at The Way Community Church

September 9th

7:00 am - Noxapater High School carries cross from The Way Community Church 5.5 Miles to John Russell Road.

8:15 am - NW carries cross from John Russell Rd 4.5 miles to Shiloh store at Neshoba County Line

9:30 am - Transition to Neshoba County