Friday, May 1, 2015

Construction Update Winston Plywood and Veneer - 05-01-2015

·         Concrete Slab at Lathes/Lathe Foundations – Change order pricing being developed for demolition of concrete foundations around both existing lathes to include:
o    Short retaining walls and sumps
o    Overlay-grout for drainage around lathes
o    Above-foundation floor slabs as required for grade beam construction

Pile Caps:
·         West wall pile caps complete on south end of building at Columns A-1 and A-3.  Pile caps also being installed today on column lines A-28 and A-31 at northwest corner of building.  (West wall pile caps complete this week)
·         Pile caps at air compressor room, boiler room, and maintenance shop
o    11 pile caps excavated, formed, concrete in place, and forms removed
o    22 piles excavated, piles chipped down to required elevation, and rebar exposed for placement of pile cap forming and concrete placement

·         Grade beams placed around perimeter of Buildings 9 & 10, and interior to Building 10 at column rows R & S.

Building Structural Steel:
·         Structural steel and bar joists received and staged for north portion of Building 1
·         Structural steel and bar joists received and staged for Building 9 & 10
·         Structural steel erection begun on Building 1 at Column Rows 19, 21, and 23.

Fire Protection:
·         Approximately 300’ of 12” underground fire protection piping installed along north side of plywood building (beginning at northwest corner of building and running east from that point)

·         Spoils stockpile located south of the entrance parking lot has been removed from the site in preparation for underground utilities and roadway to be placed in that area.
·         Undercut for new roadway along west side of existing parking lot was performed, and subgrade was placed and compacted.  Compaction tests were performed and passed in this area.  Roadway construction will begin on Monday, May 4th.
·         Electrical power lines along west side of parking lot removed by Louisville Utilities in order to allow for construction of roadway