Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Progress Update - Winston Plywood and Veneer- May 26

·         Grade beams placed and complete on Buildings 9 & 10
·         Approximately 250 feet of footing in place for concrete wall along rail spur
·         90 feet of concrete wall placed along rail spur

Building Structural Steel:
·         Rafters in place connecting columns at rows 9-23 on Building 1
·         Joists in place from Column Rows 11-23
·         Rafter set on Building 1 at Column Row 25, and bar joists in place from Column Rows 23 to 25 (Building 1)
·         Trim-out ongoing from Column Rows 15-25

Fire Protection:
·         Approximately 1,900 feet of 12” underground fire protection piping in place (underground main loop across north end of site and along west property line, to major curve in road east of existing RTO)
·         12” section line run to sprinkler control rooms on north end of plywood building
·         Concrete thrust blocks placed at underground intersecting points in fire loop across north and west sides of plant site

·         Six electrical duct-banks in place from stub-ups inside electrical rooms (at switchboards) to a point 5’ outside of east building wall