Monday, January 11, 2016

Winston Plywood Weekly Update 1-11-16

· No work this week

Site Utilities:
· Installed valve boxes for additional paving on east and south sides of building

· Continued work on gutters on Building 2
· Continued work on downspouts on Buildings 3, 6, 6A, and 8
· Continued installing Personnel Doors and Rollup Doors on exterior of building

Racetrack Piping:
· No work this week

· Continued lighting in Buildings 3 & 8
· Continued pulling cable tray throughout building
· Continued rough-in conduits in breakroom, restrooms, and maintenance shop areas
· Continued installing exterior lighting on building

Hog Room, Glue Room, Chipper Deck:
· Placed concrete on chipper deck

Plant Build-Out:
· Continued block at office, restrooms, and breakroom areas
· Continued placing block at Mezzanine area
· Installed plumbing rough-in for breakroom and restroom areas

Plant Piping:
· Began layout for steam and condensate piping for Dryers 1 & 2

Site Paving:
· Continued fine grading for paving in area east of breakroom and restrooms at maintenance shop

Log Conditioning Vaults:
· Placed concrete slab for vaults 12, 13, & 14
· Continued placing rebar for slabs in vaults 9, 10, and 11
· Placed two sections of concrete walls in water recovery tank

Log Pro Equipment Foundations:
· No work this week

Winston Plywood and Utility:
· Edwards Electric completed cable tray from Electrical Room to Dryers 1 & 2 MCC’s
· Continued work on refurbishing and installing lathes 1 & 2
· Continued work on electrical installation at green-end equipment
· Continued work on installing Dryer No. 3
· Continued installing structural steel and setting Log Pro Equipment
· Continued setting MCC units for finishing equipment (Sander and Trim Saws)
· Installed, taped, and floated sheetrock on interior of conex control rooms at green-end