Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly Progress Report - Winston Plywood - July 10

The City of Louisville is posting progress reports on the construction of the Winston Plywood facility on a weekly basis. The following is the report submitted on July 10, 2015:

·         Placed 100’ of footing wall foundations on Column Row A (West side of plant building)
·         Prepared foundations for part of Building 9 and for slab replacement at demo site of old No. 1 Dryer

·         Completed roofing on Building 1 on east side from column rows 3-23
·         Continued installing insulation and began installing roofing on west side of Building 1, completing from column rows 1- 7.  Continued setting columns, rafters, and bar joists on Building 3 (from column rows 5-11)
·         Continued framing trim-out and detailing on Buildings 1, 5, and 9

Fire Protection:
·         Sprinkler contractor mobilized to the site, received materials, and began installation of ceiling sprinkler system in Building No. 1.  Sprinkler piping is in place from column rows 19-23

·         Contractor for 13 KV primary power supply completed underground duct banks to transformers 5-13 (northeast corner of plant), and began layout and construction of underground to transformers 1-4 (southeast corner of plant)

·         Received Nicholson A-8 Debarker frame and Log-Pro merchandising equipment