Sunday, July 26, 2015

Winston Plywood Progress - July 24, 2015

·         Placed balance of concrete wall and piers on Column Row A (For Building 2)
·         Continued placing stone base for concrete slab in Building 2 (North End – between new concrete wall and existing building slab)
·         Installed crushed concrete base for slab in buildings 9 & 10;  Installed vapor barrier and reinforcing for these buildings as well
·         Continued undercut and backfill in Area 1 east of plant in preparation for concrete paving

·         Continued installing insulation and roofing on west side of Building 1, completing from column rows 3-22.
·         Completed decking on Building 1 west side from column rows 3-28;  insulation placed to column row 24
·         Completed setting rafters on building 3; set bar joists to column row 21 and half of bay from columns 21-23
·         Continued framing trim-out and detailing on Buildings 1, 3, 5, 9, and 10
·         Began decking on building 5 (clear-span loading area)
·         Began insulation and roofing on buildings 9-10

Fire Protection:
·         Contractor continued installing sprinklers in roof of Building 1;  Contractor is hanging sprinkler piping in north to south direction; piping is in place from columns 23-13

·         Continued layout and construction of primary underground piping to transformers 5-13 (north east corner of building 2), and transformers 1-4 (southeast corner of building 2)

Site & Utilities:
·         Cleared rubbish and prepared drainage ditch west of parking lot and placed rip-rap material

Winston Plywood
·         Continued removing old presses and related equipment
·         Continued refurbishing existing veneer dryers