Monday, November 16, 2015

Winston Plywood Weekly Update 11-13-15


· Continued to set forms and install rebar on pedestals for lathe chargers


· Completed seaming roof panels on Buildings 3 and 4

· Continued installing wall sheets and translucent panels on Building 4

· Continued installing wall sheets on north end of Building 5

· Completed framing and began installing decking on mezzanine in Building 7

· Completed installing standing-seam roofing on Building 8

· Began installing standing-seam roof on Building 11

Fire Protection:

· Continued installing hose station piping

· Continued installing drum-drips and drains for sprinkler systems

· Continued installing underground fire loop, specifically along the north side of the existing main parking lot

· Installed two hydrants in parking lot area

· Continued installing underground sectional valve boxes

· Continued erecting fire water storage tank

Hog Room, Glue Room, and Lathe & Chipper Deck:
· Continued erecting structural steel on Glue Room

· Installed roof decking on glue rooms and hog room

· Demo’d forms on glue room containment wall and finished walls


· Continued electrical rough-in for lighting and miscellaneous electrical

· Completed lighting mock-up installation on building lighting; Mock-up was approved

· Continued installing cable tray throughout the plant

· Completed installing electrical switchgear in center electrical room and continued pulling primary feeders

· Began installing electrical switchgear in north electrical room

· Continued running conduit for process equipment at green-end, dryers, presses, and dry-end

· Continued installing primary underground service to transformers 9-13

Site Utilities:

· Completed installing water line from connection at City of Louisville main water line

Racetrack Piping:

· Received and installed additional sections of racetrack trusses and piping; two sections remain to be installed on east side of racetrack, as well as north and south sections of track

· Continued installing flexible connections between sections of racetrack piping

· Continued installing support hangers for branch lines from the racetrack piping

· Continued installation of branch lines for process water and air piping from racetrack

Boiler and Steam:

· Installed support structure and DA tank for boilers

Log Conditioning Vaults

· Placed stone, set forms, and began installing rebar for floor slab in holding tank for vaults

Log Pro Merchandiser:

· Received remaining embed plates and rebar for foundations

· Began grading foundation site to finish grade

Winston Plywood:

· Continued refurbishing and installing green-end equipment for both east and west lathe lines

· Continued to receive both new and used process equipment

· Continued construction of No. 3 Veneer Dryer (Dryer main framework and heating coils)

· Continued concrete base and wall modifications in Press Pit No. 3

· Continued to set layup line and finishing line equipment


· Made tie-in at main substation for new primary electrical line to plywood plant

· Received 2.6” of rain through noon Friday of this week