Monday, August 10, 2015

Winston Plywood Weekly Update August 7

·         Placed concrete grade beam on east end of Building No. 4
·         Placed footing and grade beam on west end of Building No. 4
·         Placed slab on west side of Building No. 2 (Blocked out a section for installation of water line to the plant)
·         Sawcut and demo’d concrete for Hog Room foundation

·         Continued erecting structural steel framing on Buildings No. 8 and 11
·         Installed standing-seam roof sheets on north end of Building No. 1
·         Installed insulation and standing-seam roof sheets on Building No. 9
·         Began installing insulation and standing-seam roof sheets on Building No. 10

Fire Protection:
·         Contractor continued installing sprinklers in roof of Building No.
1.  Complete with exception of a few fittings and sprinkler heads in bay between columns 3-5 on south end of building.
·         Began installing sprinklers in Buildings No. 9 & 10

·         Continued layout and construction of primary underground piping to transformers 1-13.  Underground conduits in place for Transformers No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.
·         Formed, placed, and finished transfer pads for Transformers No. T5, T6, T7, and T10

Site & Utilities:
·         Completed undercut and backfill in Area 1 east of building

·         Undercut soils in Area 2 east of building in preparation for placement of soil-cement backfill
·         Began undercut and backfill at site of new parking lot (south of and adjacent to existing parking lot)

RTO Relocation:
·         Demo’d unsuitable soils for RTO foundation slab
·         Installed forms and placed stone base for RTO foundation slab
·         Placed reinforcing steel for placement of RTO foundation slab (Plan to place slab on Monday, 08-10-15)
·         Demo’d existing  concrete drive foundation and RTO control room slab in preparation for new fan drive motor foundation and
new RTO control room slab

Winston Plywood
·         Continued refurbishing existing veneer dryers