Monday, August 31, 2015

Winston County Plywood Update 8-28-2015

·         Placed forms, vapor barrier, and rebar for concrete slab in Building 4 and for new dryer
·         Continued setting forms and placing rebar for boiler room foundations and drainage trenches
·         Continued placing additional grade beams in boiler room area
·         Began subgrade work on glue room
·         Installed 12” PVC drain pipe from existing wash-water pit south of No. 2 Dryer to new pit at east end of new Dryer No. 3

·         Continued installing standing-seam roofing on Building 3 and 8
·         Continued staging structural steel and joists for erecting on Building 2
·         Continued installing beams and joists on Building 2 (West side of overall building)
·         Continued erecting structural steel framing for Lathe & Chipper Deck
·         Began trim-out and detailing on Building 2 structural steel
·         Began work on building column concrete-wraps

Fire Protection:
·         Continued installing sprinkler system in Building 3

·         Continued installing grounding grid at transformers 5-13 (north end of Building No. 3)
·         Placed concrete foundations for transformers No. 1-4
·         Continued installing primary power to transformers 1-4  (at south end of Building No. 3)
·         Continued finish grading and placement of stone around transformers 5-13
·         Continued block work on electrical rooms (southeast corner of Building 3)

Site & Utilities
·         Demo’d old foundation piers, drain ditches, and slab at RTO, opening up roadway and utility work south of plywood plant
·         Core drilled west foundation and placed piping stub-up 6” line into plywood building

RTO Relocation:
·         RTO was relocated, set on new foundations, and welded in place.

Winston Plywood:
·         Continued refurbishing existing veneer dryers
·         Continued refurbishing green-end equipment for lathe lines
·         Received and off-loaded additional loads of green-end equipment

Progress photo’s attached:
·         6101       Block work ongoing at electrical rooms
·         6118       RTO being lifted from old foundations
·         6129       RTO rotating to align with new foundations
·         6145       RTO in place over new foundations
·         6193       Demo ongoing for roadway and utilities south of plywood plant